I was reading our local newspaper (well reading the online version) and I came across this article.  It was about how Ohio (my home state) is ranked 13th in states with highest number of obese people.  This is so saddening!  It doesn’t surprise me though because there really aren’t any places available to ride your bike or run safely in any city especially the ones in the county I live in.  The State of Ohio doesn’t make it easy for people to commute to work on a bike.  In fact, we have people hit by cars on their bicycles because people in cars think they rule the roadways.  It’s sad, truly is.  Fast food restaurants are everywhere.  It’s so hard for me to find healthy food on the go.  Also, finding a grocery store open 24 hours that has healthy food is non-existent.  The State of Ohio needs to get with the program and get their citizens the opportunities they need to live healthy lifestyles!  Here’s the link to the article I found: http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/news/ohio-13th-for-adult-obesity/nQ9Wk/.

Do you have these problems in your state?  If so, how do you avoid them?

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