August Challenge: Are you planking?

The plank is such an amazing core workout.  It doesn’t take long to do and can yield amazing results if you keep at it!  I like doing my plank after a run.  I feel like it kinda wraps up a great workout with a little core work after I stretch out from my run.  There are so many different variations of planks.  The above picture is the hand/toe plank.  I personally like the forearm/toe plank, I’m working on increasing how long I hold the plank for.  Right now I’m at 2 minutes and 50 seconds.  When you first start out doing the plank you may need to do these on your knees, kinda like when you start out doing pushups.  You will get stronger and this will get easier.


Form is so important when doing this and remembering to breathe.  You want to make sure your butt is down and your back is a straight line from your head to your toes.  Breathing is important because you don’t wanna pass out, and your body needs the oxygen to get to your muscles so you benefit even more from this workout. I found a great link with pictures on all of the different types of planks


Who is with me on planking 3 times per week starting this week.  We can start off August right!  What type of plank are you going to try this week?  How long are you going to hold the plank for?

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