Tuesday Recipe: DIY Sports Drinks

I found a great website that shows how to make your own sports drinks from fruit juices.  It seems much cheaper and healthier than just buying Gatorade or Powerade.

Recipe from BRT Insights : http://brt-insights.blogspot.com/

Hydration Fruit-Ade recipes for 2 quarts (64 oz).

Fruit juices vary widely in the amounts of sugar that they contain. Read the Nutrition Facts on the label of your juice to learn how much sugar it contains per 8 oz serving. Then use the table below to dilute your choice of fruit juice to the exact sugar level that is needed in a sports drink. Add stevia or other sugar-free sweeteners or flavor enhancers if needed.

sugar per 8 oz serving amount juice amount water amount salt
8g 64 oz 0 oz 1/4 tsp
12g 43 oz 21 oz 1/4 tsp
16g 32 oz 32 oz 1/4 tsp
24g 21 oz 43 oz 1/4 tsp
32g 16 oz 48 oz 1/4 tsp
40g 13 oz 51 oz 1/4 tsp
48g 11 oz 53 oz 1/4 tsp


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