100 Pushup Challenge

So, it’s been 2 weeks since I started this 100 pushup challenge and I’m in love!!  I downloaded the app from the website listed under the picture.  I started with the initial test to see what level I would start at.  Then I started the app.  It is recommended that you do these in the correct form (like the picture) and not on your knees.  It is also recommended to have 1 rest day in between each challenge.  I am absolutely loving this!  It only takes about 10 minutes each time I do it and I’m seeing the results.  I don’t have to lift weights to sculpt my arms and chest because my body weight is the best weight lifting I can do.  My arms are more sculpted now than they were when I was just doing weight lifting.  I am absolutely sold on this!!!  Have any of you tried it out??

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5 thoughts on “100 Pushup Challenge

  1. I have tried it as well, but I couldn’t manage to get past a certain point. I think my best was around 78 pushups? Really tough stuff to be able to do 100. Best of luck to you, you will see major strength benefits regardless!

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