My garden! I’m in tomato heaven!

So excited that this week I started picking off a few cherry tomatoes from my plant.  This is a picture of what I picked off yesterday!  Woohoo!  That should be enough for a couple salads!  I ate my golden rave tomato before I realized I should have taken a picture for all of you to see it as well (sorry).  It was super yummy too!  Nothing yet from my grape plant, but it’s vining up my fence nicely.  I got about 3 strawberries off my my strawberry plant about 3 weeks ago and haven’t seen anymore since.  Not sure if that one is gonna produce anymore strawberries for me.  I’m hopeful though, I keep watering it and feeding it like all of the other veggie and fruit plants.

The reason I’m so excited is that I spend so much money on tomatoes in the off season.  This year I decided I was gonna grow them.  With the help from some awesome doctors at work (who brought us the seedlings and gave me advice on how to keep them alive) I have a great crop of tomato plants!  It’s a huge money saver and I know that there is NO pesticides being used on these tomatoes.


Did you grow any fruits or veggies this year?  If so, how are they doing?

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