What music pumps you up?

I have been trying to create some great playlists on my iPod for running and cross training.  I think I finally have some good songs, but I really wanna know what music really pumps you up to push a little harder during your workout?  I’m really liking the song, “Gotta Be Somebody” by Nickelback and I saw another reader likes “I’m Sexy and I Know It”  which I just downloaded!  Seems like these 2 are gonna be at the top of my list.  What do you suggest for me?

One thought on “What music pumps you up?

  1. I just bought Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz and The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes–both great songs for running because they’ve got good beats and an energizing sound. Plus The Fighter is also like a built in peptalk!

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