MetroMint Water Review

MetroMint provided me with products to review, but all opinions here are my own and were not influence by the company in any way.


I was able to try Chocolatemint Water, Goodberrymint Water, Lemonmint Water, Orangemint Water, Spearmint Water, and Peppermint Water (they also have Cherrymint Water, but I did not try that one).  Of all of them, my favorite is the Peppermint Water.  It has an absolutely refreshing taste!  My tastebuds were dancing!


The first thing I liked about their water was that it is all natural.  By this, I mean that they do not add any artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or anything artificial.  The flavored waters are flavored by all natural mint and all natural fruit/chocolate/herbs.  The flavors really taste like what they are named!  The chocolatemint water was perfect for adding to my chocolate protein shakes after a run.


The second thing that I liked about this water was that it was really refreshing.  Sometimes when I drink just plain water, I still feel dehydrated and want something a little more maybe with flavor.  This water really delivers!  The Spearmint and Peppermint waters were the best ice cold, right after a long run!


I just cannot say enough how refreshing these waters are!  I am still amazed at how you can have all natural flavors added to water without sugar and taste so good.  Oh yeah, did I mention, NO CALORIES!!  Which means, no guilt in drinking these waters, it’s just like drinking regular bottled water except it tastes SOOO much better!  This is definitely going to be a staple in my house since I have been on the clean eating diet because this product actually completely qualifies as CLEAN!


For more information on the MetroMint waters or where to purchase them, check out!

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