Here’s another reason NOT to eat artificial sweeteners

I found this great article on artificial sweeteners causing migraines.  Artificial sweeteners can create havoc with your weight and choices in food as well.  If you have to have sugar in a food, I recommend using real honey, agave nectar, or truvia.  Any of the other sugars can actual promote weight gain and apparently cause migraine.  Here’s the link to the article I found on

One thought on “Here’s another reason NOT to eat artificial sweeteners

  1. You might want to second-guess Truvia. It’s not the same as Stevia which is a completely natural sweetener, no calories, and even good for moderating blood sugar. You can find plenty of disinformation out there to dispute the safety of Stevia which I believe is simply because it’s not a patentable product like these lab-created additives. Truvia, while Cargill’s Truvia website performs a slick denial of the facts, is not all natural and it’s main sweetness is from Rebaudioside A which is GMO. I’d avoid Truvia and all processed sugars. Cane sugar and Stevia are both natural plants, and I think it’s safer to avoid anything the industries tamper with no matter what the claims are in either direction. How can we trust them anyway after every other product we buy contains aspartame and MSG, and we know how bad those are… Just my thoughts! ;-)

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