What are all the K’s about?

I know some of you are new to running.  I know when I first started I was terrified to run a 5K because I thought it was 5 miles.  I have compiled a list of the different K’s so you know how many miles you are registering for before you get yourself into something you aren’t ready for yet.

3K = 1.86 miles

5K = 3.1 miles

10K = 6.2 miles

20K = 12.43 miles

Half Marathon = 13.1 miles

Marathon 26.2 miles

50K = 31.07 miles

Most of the races listed are road races.  The 20K and 50K are generally trail races.  I will talk about trail races and trail training later.  What are your goals for this year?  Just to do a walk/run or a full out marathon?  I want to know and want to help cheer you on and support you as much as I can!

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